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Member Testimonials

Want to know more about the value of MIX?  Hear it here from our members, in their own words.

This is the most responsive and interactive group I have been involved in!


I became a MIX member in 2013.  When I became a CIO in 2012, my mission was to find ways to collaborate with my peers. I knew that many CIO’s were facing the same challenges, and in government we have our unique challenges and opportunities, but can often share information more freely than our Corporate counterparts.  I feel very fortunate to be part of the MIX Organization.  This is a group of individuals, who are willing to share information through a very active online forum on a wide variety of topics.  The sharing of information and networking at the annual conference is also invaluable.  This is a group of professional CIO’s willing to help each other in the true spirit of collaboration. 

Lisa Bobo

Chief Information Officer

City of Rochester, NY

As a MIX member since 1999, there is no other organization for government CIOs run by CIOs for CIOs that I value more than MIX.  Open conversations and frank discussions with peers that prove invaluable.  The active listserv proves critical to gaining quick responses on issues requested by elected official and executive staff from the most progressive Cities and Counties in the US to .  I can honestly say that CIOs of MIX get to know each other at a personal level and gain insights on issues that are held confidential and critical to setting key strategy and direction for your organization.

Steve Reneker

Chief Information Officer
Riverside County, CA